What are your fees?

To determine the fee for your first visit, it is first necessary to know exactly what procedures are needed. Do you need x-rays? How many? Would you like a dental hygiene (cleaning) visit? What kind of cleaning do you need? Dental fillings and other restoration fees are determined by the amount of decay, missing tooth structure, etc. Please call our office so we may be more specific.


What insurances do you accept?

Any plan where you are free to choose your dentist and not limited to a list of providers.  We make it easy to obtain the reimbursement for your fee payment by furnishing a completed insurance form for each visit which you simply stamp and mail to your insurance carrier.


What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

Please bring your completed Patient Information Forms (download from the Appointment page of this website), dental insurance information, records from your previous dentist, or their contact information.


My child is scared to go to the dentist, what should I do?

Tell your child how much FUN the appointment will be!  The hygienist will count his/her teeth and tickle them with the tooth polisher, then Dr. Rolfe will check to see how healthy they are. We have a treasure chest full of prizes to choose from and a goody bag for each patient. We make dentistry as pleasant as possible, and most of our young patients look forward to their visits!


How do i send you my previous dental records?

If you have your dental records, please bring them to your first visit.  If not, we will be happy to assist you in obtaining your records. Please email or call the office with the previous dentist’s contact information and we will arrange to have them forwarded. It is helpful to have the records to refer to at the first appointment.


Do you offer payment plans?

After your examination and any diagnostic procedures needed (x-rays, etc.), you will be furnished with a written treatment plan and we can then discuss payment options.  If you have dental insurance, we can contact your carrier to determine the estimated coverage. We offer a discount for payment in full at the beginning of treatment, or we can arrange for payments, if needed.

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