Limited Tooth Movement

Limited Tooth Movement is now a widely used treatment option in Orthodontic treatment. It allows the Orthodontist to target the localized mal-positioned tooth or teeth without having to bond the full dentition. This is typically done by using fixed appliances on specific teeth, utilizing a series of aligners or retainers, or by inserting temporary anchorage devices (TADs) such as mini implants or miniscrews.


Advantages of Limited Tooth Movement

The obvious advantage of limited tooth movement to the patient is the minimal appliances needed intraorally. Another advantage is the decreased side effects of the other teeth that do not require tooth movement. Lastly, the treatment time is drastically decreased compared to full orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances.


Who qualifies for Limited Tooth Movement

Typically, patients that need retreatment of orthodontics are great candidates for limited tooth movement. Also, patients who need interdisciplinary dental care would qualify for this treatment option. These include patients with the need for implant spaces, need for transverse or vertical changes before restorative treatment, and/or any esthetic dental treatment such as anterior veneers or crowns. Limited tooth movement is not an option for everyone.


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